TLT Properties FAQ

  1. What are the steps for leasing an apartment?
    • Every occupant must turn in a completed Application.
    • Turn in a $25 application fee with the application.
    • If your application is approved, pay the full security deposit amount for your apartment.

  2. What utilities does TLT Properties pay?
  3. How do I get utilities hooked up for my new apartment?

    Contact the appropriate companies at the numbers below:

    Electricity and gas: AmerenIP 1-800-755-5000
    AmerenCIPS 1-888-789-8477
    Water: IL-AWC 1-217-352-1420
    Tolono Water 1-217-485-5212
    Cable & Internet: Comcast 1-800-934-6489
    U-Verse 1-800-288-2020
    Mediacom 1-855-633-4226

  4. Is the property near the bus line?
    The Champaign and Urbana properties are. Check out the MTD site or call them at (217) 384-8188.

  5. Is the apartment furnished?
    Sorry TLT Properties doesn't furnish apartmentants.

  6. What do I have to do to get shown an apartment I'm interested in?
    TLT Properties shows apartments every day. Call (217) 355-1950 to set up an appointment.

  7. How do I sublease an apartment?
    Come by the TLT Properties' office at 41 East University in Champaign, or call us about getting a sublease form. The people subleasing must also fill out a regular application, which TLT Properties must review before OK'ing any sublease.

  8. If I sublease, what responsibilities do I still have for my old apartment?
    You are still responsible for making sure the new tenant pays rent on time, and will incur any cleaning charges that occur after the lease expires.

  9. Do I need Renter's Insurance? Will TLT Properties cover any of my property?
    All tenants should get Renter's Insurance if they are concerned about their personal property. TLT Properties' insurance policy, in most cases, does NOT cover tenant's personal property.

  10. Who do I contact for maintenance services?
    Call our man Andy Gooden at 217-369-4740 or Email him. We do not cover most problems created through renter negligence - i.e. punching a hole in the wall.

  11. If I pay my rent and bills, but one of my roomates doesn't, am I still responsible?
    Yes. If your name is on the lease, you are responsible for all obligations detailed on that lease.

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