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LEASE AGREEMENT for Apartments - Please call Todd Thorstenson at 217-355-1950 about house leases

THIS LEASE, made this _____day of _____, 2016 by and between: TLT Properties and TENANT(S) listed:

WITNESSETH THAT LANDLORD hereby leases to TENANT the premises known and described as:

Property Address:

For a term of 12 months. Beginning on the _____ day of _____ 2016.

Ending on the _____ day of ______ 2017 (hold over past lease end are charged $95/day plus costs incurred)





Groups must combine payment on a single deposit slip. (Damage deposit due upon signing lease)

In consideration thereof, it is agreed as follows:
1. Where the singular word "TENANT" is used herein, it shall be construed as meaning each and every person signing this lease as a tenant, jointly and severally. In the event that said premises are leased to more than one (1) person for joint occupancy thereof, the obligations here under shall be joint and several as to each such person. The actions and/or omissions of any one such person shall be construed against each and every person signing this lease. The LANDLORD may, at his sole option and discretion, exercise all of his rights and remedies hereunder against each and every person signing this lease. Wherever the word "TENANT" appears, it shall refer to and identify the lessee(s) of the leased premises; wherever the word "LANDLORD" appears, it shall refer to and identify the lessor of the leased premises. These words are used for the benefit and understanding of the TENANT and in no way are meant to restrict or deny the legal rights and obligations of either party.

2. Said leased premises shall be used as a residence and shall not be occupied by more than___person(s); the TENANTS shall be charged with a penalty of $25 each additional person per day for the period of unauthorized occupancy.
__ Unfurnished with the exception that stove and refrigerator are furnished. ______ Furnished (see inventory). Unless expressly noted PARKING IS NOT INCLUDED as part of this lease. INVENTORY: 1-bed, 1-dinette table with 2-chairs, 1-couch, 1-chair, 1-coffee table, 1-end table, 1-chest per apartment; no window treatments or lighting fixtures are included. Unless expressly noted this is the warranted furnished inventory.

3. TENANT will conduct an inspection of the premises prior to signing lease and thereby accepts condition as is unless improvements/additions are expressly noted, including furnishings. Also, TENANT will within (5) days of the date of possession and tender, in writing, a statement regarding the condition of said leased premises. TENANT shall receive 1 key/person (limited 2) at the time of possession of the premises. (1) Mailbox key per apartment.

4. TENANT agrees to pay the above-stated monthly rent on or before the first day of each month for the duration of the lease. The time of each and every payment of rent is of the essence of this lease. To cover LANDLORD'S added costs for billing late rent payments and additional finance charges incurred due to delayed payments. TENANTS shall pay $2.00 per day after the FIRST day of each month. Increasing to $4.00 per day after the FIFTH that the rent is not paid in good funds. Rent mailed in shall be deemed paid on the date of receipt by LANDLORD. In the event said rent is not paid in good funds, TENANT shall pay landlord a Twenty Five ($25.00) dollar service charge in addition to any late rent service charge that may accrue before said rent is paid in good funds. LANDLORD shall have the right to demand all rent payments be made in cash or with a cashier's check.
All payments provided for herein shall be made to and delivered to: Todd Thorstenson, 41 E. University Avenue, 3rd Floor, Champaign, IL 61820. Moneys received will be applied first to late charges, then to NSF charges, then to past due utility charges, then to late rent, then to current rent. TENANT is responsible for properly identifying source of payment.

5. TENANT acknowledges that all utilities shall be paid by Lessee, except sanitary hauling which shall be paid by Landlord. (varies by property)

6. TENANT agrees to post with the LANDLORD a damage deposit of $ . TENANT agrees that the deposit will be applied against any damages to said leased premises and for any damage to or loss of the appliances, furnishings, and fixtures of LANDLORD caused by TENANT or his guest(s), excepting normal wear and tear, destruction by fire not caused by TENANTS negligence, or acts of GOD; further, upon written notice to TENANT, by LANDLORD may terminate this lease due to TENANTS damages to said premises. TENANT further agrees that the deposit will also be applied against any costs for cleaning, and repairing items incurred by LANDLORD due to TENANTS possession and occupancy of said leased premises; said costs of cleaning, repairs of maintenance include, but not limited to, vacuuming carpeting, shampooing carpeting, cleaning of bathrooms and bedrooms, cleaning of stove, closets and cabinets, defrosting and cleaning of refrigerator, and also exterminating expense-caused by uncleanness. TENANT agrees that LANDLORD may deduct from TENANT'S damage deposit Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) for each building key, Thirty Five Dollars $35.00) for door key, and Forty Five Dollars ($45.00) for Mailbox key not returned by TENANT to LANDLORD at the termination of this lease.
TENANT further agrees that any unpaid utility bills, NSF charges and/or unpaid late charges will be deducted from Tenant's damage
deposit. The damage deposit shall not stand for payment of rent due hereunder except at Landlord's option. Tenant agrees to immediately reimburse LANDLORD for the cost thereof. Failure or refusal to do so by TENANT will constitute a breach of this lease. TENANTS liability is not limited to the amount of the damage deposit. Any balance of TENANT's damage deposit remaining due to TENANT shall be returned by LANDLORD to only one address by way of TENANT PROVIDED SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE according to Illinois Revised Statutes. Failure to provide such forwarding address will cause damage deposit to be held at the management office until directed by TENANT.

7. TENANT agrees to notify LANDLORD for the purpose of reporting repair or maintenance problems "IN WRITING". LANDLORD agrees to take care of repair or maintenance requests within a reasonable time, taking into equitable consideration the objectives of both TENANT and LANDLORD. TENANT shall be responsible to reimburse LANDLORD for repairs or maintenance to the leased premises or any appliances provided therein which are occasioned by TENANT or his guest(s)' negligence or damage. Light bulb, battery, filter replacements, unplugged drains, lockouts, keys or lock replacements, window treatments, and resetting of circuit breakers, are all services and or products which may be supplied by management at the residents option and expense. Repairs not authorized by management will not be reimbursed. Bedding will be replaced by management upon TENANTs request at a charge of $42.00 per piece. Heat must be maintained by resident at a minimum of 60 degrees to avoid freezing of pipes. Initials ( )

8. TENANT agrees to allow LANDLORD access to said leased premises for the purpose of examining or exhibiting the same, or making any repairs or improvements to said premises which LANDLORD elects to make. LANDLORD reserves the right to put up a "FOR RENT", or "FOR SALE" sign at any time during the term of this Lease, and may show the premises upon 4 hour notice to TENANT.

9. TENANT agrees that ALL refuse shall be placed in garbage facilities provided by LANDLORD. Damage beyond normal wear and tear walls or woodwork shall be deducted from TENANT's damage deposit; this shall include any damage caused by hanging of pictures or other uses of the walls and woodwork. TENANT agrees to be careful that no hair, thread, string, rags, sanitary items, or rubbish of any description shall be allowed to enter the drainage or wastepipes of said lease premises, and will be responsible for damages resulting therefrom.

10. In case said leased premises shall be rendered untenable by fire or other casualty, LANDLORD may, at LANDLORD'S option, terminate this lease or repair said premises within (29) days. Failure to so repair will terminate this lease without further liability to TENANT. All TENANTS personal property of any kind and description shall be kept in said leased premises at TENANTS sole risk. TENANT agrees that LANDLORD or MANAGER/AGENT shall not be liable for any damage to or loss of TENANTS personal property regardless of the source or cause of such damage, casualty or calamity; said damage or loss of TENANTS personal property includes, but is not limited to fire, theft, omission, leaking or bursting of water or sewer pipes, explosions OR loss of food due to refrigerator malfunction. A TENANT's insurance policy will cover these items and may be taken out at TENANT's option & expense. TENANT further agrees to work cooperatively with MANAGER/AGENT in all transactions, dealings, or complaints, understanding that work loads may vary and result in delays especially during AUGUST move in season. TENANT agrees not to have a waterbed on the premises but if TENANT does have a waterbed on the premises and said waterbed leaks, TENANT assumes all liability for any damages and cost of repairs for said damages.

11. Only with LANDLORD'S written permission may TENANT have a pet or pets upon the premises. If LANDLORD grants TENANT permission to have a pet or pets upon the premises, TENANT agrees to sign the Pet Addendum and agrees to abide by the conditions stored therein. If TENANT has a pet or pets upon the premises without Landlord's written permissions, TENANT shall be liable and held responsible for all appropriate charges, duties and obligations which would have been incurred had LANDLORD granted TENANT permission to keep said pet or pets. In the absence of contrary proof, LANDLORD shall charge and hold TENANT liable for all charges for said pet or pets since the beginning of the term of this lease, charges shall accrue at a rate of $75.00/mo. for each dog and $45.00/mo. for each cat.

12. TENANT has the right to sublet said leased premises to applicants approved by LANDLORD. If TENANT does sublet or assign said lease premises, TENANT understands and agrees that, in the absence of a written agreement between LANDLORD and TENANT the contrary, TENANT remains secondarily liable for the terms of his/her lease. A forty ($40.00) dollar charge will be imposed by the LANDLORD for each sublease made by TENANT or his subleases.

13. If LANDLORD/AGENT is unable to deliver possession of premises at the commencement hereof, LANDLORD/AGENT shall not be liable for any damages caused thereby, nor shall this agreement be voided or voidable, however, TENANT shall not be liable for any rent until possession is delivered. In case said leased premises shall be vacated during the term of this lease for greater than 10 days, the LANDLORD may take immediate possession thereof for the remainder of the term, and at LANDLORD's discretion and option, relet the same and apply the proceeds upon this lease. The TENANT is to remain liable for the unpaid balances of rent. If it becomes necessary to evict the tenant for any reason, the tenant shall pay all legal expenses involved including sheriff's fees, court costs, attorneys' costs, and all other incidental expenses.

14. This lease shall automatically renew itself for a period of one year from date of expiration unless notices of intent not to renew is given in writing at least 75 days prior to expiration of this lease. LANDLORD will give 75 day notice prior to renewal date.

15. Both LANDLORD and TENANT hereby expressly agree that the lease premises are for residential use and enjoyment of those who have signed this lease. TENANT agrees that TENANTS conduct or the conduct of TENANT's guests disturb other occupants or LANDLORD or LANDLORD's agents, or creates a nuisance, such conduct shall be a breach of the lease agreement and LANDLORD may terminate this lease upon giving written notice to TENANT.

16. If LANDLORD/TENANT shall at any time incur any expense, including reasonable attorney's fees and costs, for successfully enforcing any provision of this Agreement by litigation or otherwise, the sum paid by LANDLORD/TENANT shall be deemed damages in favor of LANDLORD/TENANT against LANDLORD/TENANT and shall be immediately due and payable. In the event of default, TENANT shall be responsible for all costs incurred by Landlord to enforce this lease, including but not limited to attorney fees, collection company expenses (ranging from 30-50%) and court costs.

THIS LEASE constitutes the whole contract between LANDLORD and TENANT, and TENANT states that no representations promises or other inducements have been made to him/her by LANDLORD or AGENT/MANAGER. RECEIPT: Each of the parties acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement. This agreement shall be binding and inure to the benefit of the LANDLORD and successors in interest.

IN WITNESS WHERE OF, the parties have hereto signed on the day and year first above written:

____________________________________ ____________________________________
Lessor: TLT Properties Lessee
41 E. University Ave, Champaign, IL 61820 ___________________________________