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Testimonials from TLT Properties' Tenants

    • "I loved working with Todd at TLT and his maintenance team! I hated to leave (moved out of state) and if I still lived in Champaign I would still be at my sweet little apartment on Washington managed by TLT. There are some pretty bad management companies, but TLT is great!", from Ashley G., August 27, 2019.
    • "Todd is the best landlord ever, maintainence is always there if you need any assistance, Jjim is the guy. If I did not move out of state, I would definitely stay in one of Todd's properties.", from Alrick S., July 2, 2019.
    • "We have rented from TLT for 2 years now. Todd is very fair and understanding. Whenever weíve contacted him, he was always quick to respond. If repairs were needed, they would be done within 48 hrs of us contacting maintenance. It only took longer if a part had to be shipped in. First year renting from him, the fridge broke down. That same day a brand new one was brought in. I will recommend everyone to rent from him.", from Myeshia H., June 27, 2019.
    • "I've rented from a few different places in Champaign, and this is the best place I've lived so far. The staff are all very friendly, helpful, and easy to talk to. The properties are really great, with many near downtown. I love my current apartment, too! Maintenance is off the charts - even bigger jobs are fixed promptly and well, to my delight. Would absolutely recommend this property company to anyone looking to rent in Champaign.", from Luisa R., May 19, 2019.
    • "As a tenant for over 4 years, I have very much enjoyed living at near downtown State street property. Todd is responsive to larger issues, and Jim, the maintenance man, is wonderful. My wife and I have loved living at this area of Champaign and a large part of that is living at a TLT properties building.", from David S., April 16, 2019.
    • "I've been renting from TLT Properties for a few years. Todd, the owner, is always prompt in replying to emails, and deals with any issues we have quickly. Jim, head of maintenance, is amazing! He deals with any issues immediately, and explains what the problem was and how he fixed it. Both Jim and Todd are only an email or text away, which is not always the case with other rental agencies in the Champaign-Urbana area. I have had a great experience renting from TLT Properties, and would have continued to do so if I wasn't moving away.", from Allison P., April 16, 2019.
    • "Iíve lived in one of Todd Thorstensonís apartments for two years, and couldnít be happier. The apartment itself is a gem, and both Todd and Jim, the maintenance manager, are super responsive to any issues in the house or apartment. I feel lucky to have found this apartment!", from Leslie C., April 12, 2019.
    • "My husband and I have lived with TLT Properties for the last four years with two different apartments. Throughout that time, we've always felt great about our tenant-landlord relationship. When there was a problem, we knew we could reach out and receive a solution. The maintenance team is excellent and very friendly. We would highly recommend TLT Properties!", from Shelby A., April 2, 2019.
    • "Todd's been my landlord for five years, and I've happy with the arrangement. He balances being available for his tenants while not trying to get too much in their business. My maintenance requests have been promptly responded to.", from Josh W., April 1, 2019.
    • "I've rented with Green Street Realty, JSM, and Roland Realty in Champaign, and leasing from TLT Properties has outshined them all. Todd shows great attentiveness to my concerns and has always been prompt in replying to my emails or texts. TLT Properties' Chief of Maintenance, Jim, is likewise prompt on tending to any fixes and is courteous about sending a reminder text to each tenant for pest control continuity every month. It is a great feeling to know that if you have a question, your landlord and maintenance contact is just a text or email away. Previous landlords have required me to log into a tenant portal and submit requests for maintenance with no prompt replies and with half-hearted work put into the fixes. At TLT Properties, Jim and his team have been consistent in fixing any maintenance requests in a timely and complete manner. Previous landlords have required me to jump through hoops to try to locate a manager about any problems that would be addressed with a landlord and most often I would only get as far as speaking with some irritated administrative assistants behind a front desk. With TLT Properties, I've been able to directly connect with Todd. TLT Properties has been the best company I've rented from in the Champaign, IL area. I highly recommend!", from Aly K., April 1, 2019.
    • "I've lived here for about a year and a half, and haven't had any problems. The maintenance staff is wonderful, and the building is well kept. The price for living downtown is great.", from Lydia B., March 31, 2019.
    • "TLT properties is the best we have been with them in a apartment in Tolono for 3 or 4 years and would still rent from them if we had not bought a house. You can't go wrong with them friendly staff and owner just a pleasure to rent from.", from Michael S., March 31, 2019.
    • "By far the best company to rent from in the Champaign area. Extremely friendly service with the utmost care and respect for their tenants. Maintenance calls are quickly answered and fixed even faster. Rent is very fair and definitely get a bargain. Would rent from again any time!", from Ben T., November 3, 2011.
    • "I rented from TLT Property Management for 2 years and never had a problem. They were responsive to my inquiries and handled all maintenance requests almost immediately. The apartment I rented was in great condition. They were even willing to paint the living room walls a color of my choosing and worked with my schedule to get it done. My apartment was in a great location and within walking distance to many great restaurants and bars. I would definitely recommend renting from TLT!", from Kristy K., September 1, 2011.
    • "From 2006-2011 i lived in Champaign while earning my PhD at Illinois. I stayed in the same apartment (in a multi-apt. big house) all 5 years because it fit my needs - spacious, quiet, and it had character. Mostly, I enjoyed my time in my apartment because i had friendly maintenance/repair workers, a responsive landlord, and a great location. I never heard from TLT employees unless it was important, and I was always able to communicate with them when i needed. It was great; I enjoyed my 5 years in my apartment near downtown Champaign. I did not have any noise issues from neighbors/other tenants in the house. Paying rent was convenient to drop off at the TLT office in downtown - and rent was quite reasonable. Although I have moved on in life, my 5 years had a lot of good memories. My living situation allowed for many good years.", from John K., June 15, 2011.
    • "We live in the Tolono TLT Properties Apartments...This is the first apartment we have lived and we have struck the jackpot. Both Todd(landlord) and Jim (maintanence) are absolutely wonderful. Todd has been very understanding and willing to work with us and Jim's response time to any maintanence issue we have had is amazing. I intend to stay where we are for several years and if the need arises that we should have move I am going to do my best to stay with Todd and TLT Properties,..I couldnt imagine renting from anyone else.", from Emily B., May 23, 2011.
    • "Todd at TLT Properties is a fantastic landlord; we are so impressed with how helpful and patient he is. Whenever we e-mail him for a maintenance issue, he responds within ten minutes and sends someone the same day. The maintenance guys (Jim and Kenny) are so, so nice too! For example, last summer our fridge and our AC system crapped out. They were both fixed within 24 hours! You really can't beat that. Todd is polite and accommodating, and he's a runner, which makes him cool. We definitely recommend renting from him if you can. He is, by far, the best landlord that we have encountered in the CU area.", from Mica S., May 22, 2011.
    • "I have lived in several different apartments over the years and Todd, the landlord, is by far one of the best owners I have had. He usually responds to any inquiries within minutes of sending him an email. He even came to investigate a problem a 10pm at night. Not many landlords will do that. He stays on top of maitainence requests and gets his maintaince staff over to fix any problems in a timely manner. The maintainece staff is very friendly and professional and will accommodate you to get your issue resolved as soon as possible. I would highly recommend any of his properties.", from Pat B., May 20, 2011.
    • "I have had some really bad landlords before and was very happy to find that Todd was reliable and trustworthy. He responded to problems quickly and I would for sure recommend leasing from him.", from Robin E., May 20, 2011.
    • "In the years of being a renter,TLT Properties is one of the best. You couldn't ask for a better landlord. Todd is always quick to respond to your needs and the maintenance staff is always quick to respond to issues. Would recommend to anybody.", from Bob M., May 20, 2011.
    • "I definitely recommend TLT property. The owner, Todd, is a really great guy and quick to respond to any request. On the two occasions that I needed to call maintenance he made sure they came right away, and they always took care of what I needed quickly. I also had to rent the apartment before seeing it (because I was arriving from abroad), and he was very trustworthy about the whole transition and always made me feel like my decision was secure. All in all, TLT is great!", from Brady C., May 16, 2011.
    • "TLT Property (Todd) has always been incredibly generous and patient. He has been more than reasonable with a variety of everyday issues we all face as renters. He has always been more than reasonable, quick to respond, and open and sensitive to his tennants needs and suggestions. Todd is a very trustworthy landlord, I would recommend him to anyone! His maitenance team has always been courteous and quick to respond to my requests, questions, and needs. Renting from him was a great expierience, I hope I have such luck with future rental companies!!!", from Jackie P., May 13, 2011.
    • "Todd at TLT is very easy to work with. He always made sure everything in my apartment was working correctly, and was quick to fix any maintenance issues that came up. I found him to be a flexible landlord who was very easy to get along with. I would definitely rent from him again.", from David W., May 13, 2011.
    • "Todd, who runs TLT, is a really cool guy. Before I first moved to Champaign-Urbana for grad school I found one his properties online. Because I was unable to to travel to look at the place in person, Todd e-mailed many photos of the properties to me, and I rented the place. This was one of the wisest decisions I ever made, and all my years renting from TLT was a very positive experience. The maintenance requests are answered immediately, Todd is fair and very attentive (but never obtrusive), and when it came time for me to leave Illinois I got my deposit returned quickly. I will be returning to the university is August and I am hoping to to again rent from TLT!", from Thom D., May 12, 2011.
    • "I've rented apartments at two of TLT's properties and am moving to a third in August. The rent is reasonable, and the manager as well as the maintenance staff is always friendly and quick to respond. They've got a wide variety of properties, so you can always upgrade or downgrade if your situation changes. I've got nothing but nice things to say about them!", from Marion M., May 9, 2011.
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